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12 Things You Must Think About Decorating Your Home

In today's edition, We share some key ideas that help you to bring energy & positivism at home. The most important thing to know is that all these are made by artisans of the south coast. so let's start reading...


A home without books is none other than a body without a soul, as it displays your creativity and offers lots of information. So, for enlivening your coffee table, make a collection of several books, and ornament your living room.

Home: Kiama Through Our Eyes
Treat your eye and fulfil your dream of living in a paradise by adding a 170-page Home: Kiama Through Our Eyes to your coffee table. It features an awe-inspiring collection of images of Kiama and its surrounding places. Going through the collection is a treasure for all visitors who want to explore this unique part of Australia. Every page, every image of this book is undoubtedly a remarkable celebration of landscapes and extra-ordinary prettiness of the Australian coastline.
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Out of Latvia
Exhilarate you with some unique gifts like a paperback of Out of Latvia: The Son of a Latvian Immigrant Searches for his Roots by David Kerr. An enchanting memoir of two-generation where one is growing up behind the other. A must-have book on your coffee table for peace of mind.
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Manifest Recall
You surely won’t go wrong by procuring a dark urban horror novel which grabs you entirely from the outset and won’t let go of it. This Supernatural Crime Thriller will thrill you if you have a sweet spot for dark fantasy.
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Seaweed, Golden Kelp Powder
Looking for a health supplement! Count on Seaweed, Golden Kelp Powder by Sea Health Products. it comes with zero additives or preservatives and houses 100% Australian Sea Kelp. It is quite suitable for your smoothies and juices and you can use this in your Golden Kelp granules. It truly enhances the natural flavour and perfect seasoning.
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Kimchi, Set of 3 Mak Kimchi Pouches
Buy authentic Korean Kimchi made of fresh ingredients and filtered water along with a conventional fermentation method to extract the best. The set of 3 Mak Kimchi Pouches by the South Coast Kimchi is not only appetizing but also good for your health. You can use this deep fermented and salty blend of cabbage, carrot, onion & garlic, fish sauce and more in your salad or else as aside.
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Seaweed Salt Seasonings, Chilli Hit Pod
Enrich the taste of your pizza, soups or even egg with this chilli flavour bomb which is organically produced in the Tilba valley. The 50g Chilli Hit Pod comes with ample macro and micronutrients and a hint of mango & passionfruit. The chilli tastes like sunshine and offers a delicious flavour.
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South Coast Experiences, Our branded bags
Bags are always a style statement; it represents your consciousness about the latest trends. South Coast Experiences offer perfect-sized jute bags which can be your friend irrespective of the need. These bags are Made in Australia, and you can also use them as showpieces and even gifts to your loved ones.
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Crochet Bag
Add a lacy and textured crochet bag pattern by Buckin Dog to take your fashion statement into a different dimension. Its new designs are handmade and 100% cotton so that you can keep it in shape. Choose the best one that suits you among a different set of the shade of colors.
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Large Dark Blue Beret
embrace a revolutionary ideology through the large dark blue beret by Janine Coddington, made of soft fine merino wool. It is surely the simplest flat-crowned hat possible at current times and can be used for diverse instances.
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Sterling Silver Chain
Sterling Silver Chain by VSPORA Jewellery is a beautiful and durable piece of jewelry for women and features a 36 inches long chain and a thick ball, the complete length of the necklace is 92 cm. Buy this to enrich your appearance and also to stay worry-free from harsh maintenance and hypo allergies.
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Cicada Drops
Looking for a perfect gift for your better half! If you follow the design and always want to embrace new styles, then Cicada Drops by Luke Abbot Designs for you. Buy Here


Bath Salts
Rejuvenate your body with Bath Salts by Woodstock Dreamers permeated with essential and botanical oils and nicely blended with Himalayan Salts, Magnesium Salts, and more. It is completely vegan and free from Parabens and preservatives.
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Tea Tin, Immunitea
Tea is undoubtedly stimulating if you need a strong yet immune-boosting tea that can uplift your mood, protect you from colds, fall for Tea Tin, Immunitea by The Berry tea Shop. It is beneficial in restoring your balance and keeping the doctors away thanks to natural ingredients like Lemongrass, ginger pieces, ginseng, calendula, fennel seeds, and more.
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Organic Masala Bag
Unbusy brings in traditional India into this masala tea that houses raw honey and spices to offer a consistent flavor in every serving. Ingredients like Organic Assam tea, raw honey, cloves, ginger, and black peppercorns give a strong effect and energies your mood instantly.
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