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Art Acrylic | Earthly Delights

Fern Street Gallery
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Acrylic and Ink on Paper
2020  34.5cm x 48.5cm

Vanessa’s artworks are a fresh, off-beat tapestry of symbolic images inspired by the South Coast and interwoven with what she sees and experiences in the world. Be they landscapes, creatures, interiors or architecture, they are stark, surreal vistas inspired by human stories of fragility, tragedy and hope.
‘Our lives are peppered with endings and beginnings and, as difficult as some of those losses can be, inevitably there is growth and a new beginning on the other side of suffering. It is our capacity to to heal ourselves, to create, to endure, to overcome and to transform that informs my work. In essence my paintings are about trusting the dark and that it will ultimately lead to the light.’ (Vanessa Anderson)