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South Coast Artisan Shop Product - Perfume Oil

Perfume | Blue Lotus Perfume Oil

Delicious Vibrant Beauty
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Gives you the benefit of fragrance without all the hidden chemicals of mainstream perfumes. Pure Blue Lotus Absolute mixed with jojoba oil in a roller.  Blue lotus is steeped in history, prized by the ancient Egyptians and used in ceremonies for thousands of years for its’ potent heart and 3rd eye opening properties. Vials and flowers were found in king tuts tomb when they discovered and opened it.

Creates a sense of euphoria, peace, calm and is an aphrodisiac. The blue lotus is a very deep, exotic, seductive fragrance.

All my products on here are vegan. Hand crafted in small batches. Australian made and owned. South coast made and owned. Packaging is recyclable.

Made with LOVE