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Tea | Vanilla Chai

Tea | Vanilla Chai

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Let the warm and inviting aroma of spices whisk you away to another land. A fine Sri Lankan black tea hand blended with exotic spices and a hint of vanilla for that little extra something.

Sri Lankan black tea, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla, organic ginger, organic clove, organic cardamom, organic star anise, organic black pepper.

How to brew a traditional Chai with milk
Chai LOVES milk that has a little more fat content, creating more of a creamier chai so that it doesn’t taste too watery. For a really creamy chai, always use more milk to water ratio.

• Bring 150ml of freshwater to the boil in your kettle. Pour into a pot.
• Add 4 teaspoons of chai tea into the pot & brew for 5 minutes. (We use 2 tsp per 250ml of liquid to achieve a strong flavour)
• Add 350ml of the milk of your choice to the pot and turn on heat to medium-to-low heat. Simmer for 7-10 minutes.
• Strain into a teapot or your drinking cup
• Add 2 heaped tsp of a sweetener of your choice (more or less to desired taste). I suggest a mild honey or agave syrup. Start with less, you can always add more
• Tip: You want to achieve a nice biscuit (cookie) colour when brewing your chai. If it's too light in colour or flavour, you need to add more chai and steep a little